Further Resources

Websites, Apps, Fact Sheets, etc

Australian Dietary Guidelines (2012) Eat for health. Website for review of Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. Important to monitor for changes. See http://www.eatforhealth.gov.au/

Department of Ageing, Disability & Home Care (2003) Nutrition in practice manual (2nd Ed). Sydney: DADHC [Available: http://www.adhc.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/file/0019/228124/Nutrition_Practice_Manual_July2012.pdf]

BUPA FoodSwitch App (mobile devices) for healthy food shopping and better food choices. http://www.bupa.com.au/health-and-wellness/tools-and-apps/mobile-apps/foodswitc-app

Cichero (2008) Australian standardised terminology and definitions for texture modified foods and fluids. Worth looking at web presentations about texture modification. http://www.webpresent.com.au/present/daa/daa_200807_qld_natstandards/player.html

Commonwealth of Australia (2007). Dinner is served. Enteral nutrition: food and fluid through a tube. Canberra: Department of Education, Science and Training. This is a self-directed learning package about tube (gastrostomy) feeding. It is available from Greystanes Disability Services at Leura. See: http://www.greystanes.org.au/

Department of Human Services (Victoria) (2009). Nutrition standards for menu items in Victorian hospitals and residential aged care facilities. http://www.health.vic.gov.au/archive/archive2011/patientfood/nutrition_standards.pdf

Disability Services Division, Victorian Government Department of Human Services (2002). Good food for all. State of Victoria, Department of Human Services. [Available: http://www.goforyourlife.vic.gov.au/hav/admin.nsf/Images/Good_food_for_all.pdf/$File/Good_food_for_all.pdf Accessed 20 August 2012]

Independent Living Centres Australia. Information about numerous products and services to help people remain independent and maintain quality of life. http://ilcaustralia.org.au/

Kids Health – useful fact sheets (suitable for adults). http://kidshealth.schn.health.nsw.gov.au/fact-sheets Some are in multiple languages (Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, and others).

  • Egg free diet

  • Fish allergy

  • Fruit and Vegetable allergy

  • Milk allergy

  • Milk free (dairy free) diet

  • Peanut allergy

  • Peanut (and tree nut) free diet

  • Sesame free diet

  • Soy allergy

  • Soy free diet

  • Food safety

  • Healthy snack choices

Menu Planner App. App that integrates menu planning, recipes, and shopping. www.itunes.apple.com

NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) (2011). Nutrition standards for adult inpatients in NSW hospitals. http://www.aci.health.nsw.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/160555/ACI_Adult_Nutrition_web.pdf

Safe Swallowing. Useful website with information and products for people with swallowing difficulties. http://www.safeswallowing.com.au/index.htm

Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS) (2007). Healthy homes guide (3rd edition). NSW Health. [Available: http://www.wsahs.nsw.gov.au/services/publicaffairs/documents/Healthy_Homes_Guide_07.pdf Accessed 20 August 2012]

The Parents’ Jury. Advocacy and lobby group for children’s healthy food and activity. http://www.parentsjury.org.au/

Traffic Light Food Tracker App. Free app. Users can enter values for fat, sugar, and sodium and then save items into a pantry in the app. www.itunes.apple.com

University of Newcastle (2012). Easy step by step cookbook. Family & Community Services: Ageing, Disability & Home Care. Large resource, with photos and step by step instructions for food planning and preparation. Available in ADHC funded group homes in NSW.